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We are consuming far too much for our own good. We wallow in an affluence that is making us more obese, weakening our hearts and giving us diabetes. Depression is one of the most common diseases in developed nations. Prozac is soon on everyone’s mind.

To feed our cravings we’ve managed to burn most of earth’s oil reserves. Now the oil-addicted government (New!) of George W. Bush is moving its superarmy around the globe in an effort to gain control of the remaining dribbles.

In its wake, the US military and its allies leave a trail of destruction (New!) that knows no boundaries and further undermines ecological security. Striving to uphold national security, the United States is weakening earth’s natural security. It should concern us all.

What's worse, we cannot even turn our gaze to the skies for momentary relief. The space program of the US and its competitors is seriously affecting our atmosphere (New!), adding considerably to global warming and the depletion of the ozone that protects us from cosmic radiation.

In a few generations, who will even know the true meaning of heaven?